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Airborne Pathogens

Since the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 (also known as COVID19) the world has become cognizant to the risks of Airborne Pathogens (ABP). The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) Federal Act of 1970 states that “Employers shall furnish to each of their employees' employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards (infectious disease) that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to their employees.” Furthermore OSHA sets minimum requirements for employer’s requirements to provide employee Personal Protection Equipment. The OSHA Respiratory Protection Program mandates certain professionals receive education and training pertaining to ABP in their work environments. Certain jurisdictions, such as the state of California (through OSHA), have specific protections for employees in regard to ABP. In addition to regulatory requirements the failure to combat the spread of ABP will lead to decreased client confidence, shunted applications during hiring processes, increased staff sick time, potential litigation or fines, among other effects that effect cost and profit. BioRisk Reduction brings infectious disease professionals to you virtually to provide ABP training. Our Professionals Specialize in helping entities of any size or individuals become compliant with ABP requirements. 


Individuals in need of ABP training include 

  • Research Laboratories 

  • Healthcare Environments

    • Hospital

    • Family Practice

    • Outpatient

  • Home health care

  • Immunocompromised Individual Environments 

  • Assisted Living or Hospice Providers

  • Paramedic 

  • Dental Facilities

  • Duty of Care

    • Homeless shelter 

    • Rehabilitation facilities 

    • Drug treatment programs

  • Coroners and Mortuaries 

  • Security & Corrections


Unlike other ABP training courses, BioRisk Reduction training courses are not automated video sets. BioRisk Reduction closely follows OSHA requirements by providing infectious disease experts to lead interactive ABP sessions virtually. You can find out about BioRisk Reductions’ experts on our website: QR Code 


We bring multiple experts to provide tailor made training packages to a variety of audiences and provide ample opportunities to ask questions and interact during sessions. Throughout the training our facilitators provide practical analogies and visual aids. Our training is comprehensive and designed to meet the needs of all professionals from preschool teachers to PhDs working in maximum containment laboratories or healthcare providers. We can do this effectively by introducing biosafety at an accessible level with comprehensive education specific to your industry for the inherent and residual risks within your workplace. 


We also provide consulting to businesses and groups of individuals concerned about the spread of COVID due to occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2 or any other pathogen. We work with everyone on any topic pertaining to infectious disease! 

What is the difference between the Tiers?

Basic Airborne Pathogen and Biosafety Training Course (Tier I)

$50/person – group and organizational rates available

In Tier I we teach our audience the basic principles of ATP which are built into advanced concepts that are supported by peer-reviewed open-access journal, publications. Within all Tiers of our ATP course, our audience is led by an infectious disease expert(s) with experience teaching how to mitigate the risks of exposures to ATP.



BioRisk Reduction Bloodborne Pathogens Tier I Training is Recommended

Program Rewards

  • Bronze 

    • Virtual Certificate of Completion for ABP (1-year expiration) 

    • Physical Certificate, Badge, and/or Table tent available with additional cost for printing, shipping, and handling

  • After 3-years of consecutive completion the awards will be updated to silver 

  • Does NOT meet California OSHA’s Requirement within the California Code of Regulations, Title 8

    • Section 5199 for ABP Annual Training

    • Section 3203 for Injury, Illness, Prevention Program 

Program Specifics

  • 90-120 minutes in length including Q&A

  • Applicable to all professional demographics

  • After completing this course participants will understand 

    • The Hallmark ATP in Society

    • How and When ATP are produced 

    • Transmission routes ATP can take

    • Droplets and aerosols respiratory participles and their dependence upon temperature and humidity

    • The misconceptions of both droplet and aerosol infectious particles that have arisen throughout history

    • Pathophysiology of ATP host deposition 

    • Controls to combat ATP transmission

      • Personal Protective Equipment 

        • in accordance with Federal Training Requirements per US 29 CFR 1910.132

        • Differences between masks

        • Respirators 

      • Leadership Controls

      • Engineering Controls

        • Ventilation

        • Filtration

        • UV light

      • Administrative Controls

Industry Specific Advanced Airborne Pathogen Training (Tier 2)


$70 - group and organizational rates available



Tier II is a prerequisite


Program Rewards

  • Gold 

    • Virtual Certificate of Completion for ABP (1-year expiration) 

    • Physical Certificate , Badge, and/or Table tent available with additional cost for printing, shipping, and handling

  • Meets California OSHA’s Requirement within California Code of Regulations, Title 8

    • Section 5199 for Aerosol Transmissible Disease Annual Training

    • Section 3203 for Injury, Illness, Prevention Program 

Program Specifics

  • 45-90 minutes in length

  • Meets California OSHA’s Requirement for Annual Training that is Required for 

    • Research and Clinical Laboratories Infectious Disease Laboratory (up to (A)BSL4)

    • Health Care facilities services and operations

      • Hospitals

      • Outpatient centers

      • Family practice

      • Paramedics and medical transport

    • Judiciary Branch Positions related to incarceration

    • Underserved communities

      • Rehabilitation centers

      • Homeless shelters

      • Drug treatment programs

    • Mortuary services

    • Dental Industry

  • Highly suggested for Professionals with increased likelihood to ABP Exposure

  • After completing the course 

    • Non-laboratory workers will understand

      • Exposure identification, control, post-exposure procedures •

      • How to avoid unfortunate circumstances experienced previously by others by implementing effective controls 

    • Laboratory workers will understand 

      • The history of high-containment laboratories in the United States

      • The fallout that occurs as an effect of unsafe work practices 

      • Facility and behavioral requirements when conducting work with ABP 

      • Requirements for workplace controls when performing manipulations with ABP

      • Effective and safe spill response

Airborne Pathogens Facilitator Training (Tier 3)

$+55/person – group and organizational rates available 

Tier III is for future ABP facilitators in their respective workplaces. Within this course, our audience learns how to be an effective facilitator of an ABP program at their place of employment, which includes both record keeping and infectious disease knowledge. Future facilitators will be armed to inform their employer about whether their workplaces are compliant with OSHA related ABP and Injury Illness Prevention Plans are satisfactory with regulatory requirements.



  • Tier I & Tier II are prerequisites 

  • Expertise in infectious disease control (Master’s degree level, professional experience, or a combination of these)

Program Rewards 

  • Platinum

    • Virtual Certificate of Completion for ABP (1-year expiration) 

    • Physical Certificate , Badge, and/or Table tent available with additional cost for printing, shipping, and handling 

  • Access to BioRisk Reduction’s marketing support


Program Specifics

  • 60-90 minutes in length including Q&A

  • Compliance Document Kit

  • Learn how to implement an IIPP

  • Understand the requirements of an ABP responsible official 

  • Understand and be able to articulate the responsibilities of employers to leadership

  •  Includes

    • U.S. 29 CFR 1910.1020 (Access to employee exposure and medical records)

    • U.S. 29 CFR 1904 (Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness)


Attendees will be charged rates for shipping and handling of certificates and badges. Free digital versions will be available.

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