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BioRisk Reduction's
Infectious Disease Membership Program

BioRisk Reduction’s Infectious Disease Professional Membership Program aims to bring together Infectious Disease Professionals from the Laboratory, Health care, Public Health, and Policymakers. It is BioRisk Reduction’s aim to remove barriers between the aforementioned Infectious Disease professionals to promote and develop universal best practices. We believe this is the beginning of a uniform approach across professional demographics and regions of the world as BioRisk Reduction serves in an international capacity.

Our programs are tailored to both aspiring, new, and experienced infectious disease professionals.

$59 per year (withdrawn annually)
$129 3-years * ($43 withdrawn annually)

$20 High School and College Student: *

  • Proof of Student ID required

  • Must have academic good standing with            GPA of 2.5 or higher

Affiliate Membership:
School, Organization, Business
$25 per person

$30 per person
500-1000 Members

$35 per person
100-500 Members

$40 per person
25-100 Members

$45 per person
10-25 Members

Membership Includes


Virtual Certificate for Annual Membership and for Attending Included Membership Events

  • 50-80 minutes with a 10-minute Question and Answer Session

  • First Friday of March, June, September, & December from 3:30-5 PM EST


15% Discount to BioRisk Reduction Virtual Training Programs (membership program excluded)


Membership to BioRisk Reduction’s Infectious Disease Professional Listserv

  • Get Professional Advice to Utilize in your Career or Academic coursework

  • Learn proactively through other's questions and interactions 


First Consideration for BioRisk Reduction Team Interview (2 of our 4 monthly interview slots)

Cost for Annual Membership


  • With purchase of membership, you authorize BioRisk Reduction to withdraw funds annually.

  • Membership is Non Refundable.

  • May cancel at anytime*

  • Schedule subject to change or be rearranged up to 2-weeks before a scheduled event

Purchase Memberships

BioRisk Reduction's
Infectious Disease Membership Program

  • BioRisk Reduction Yearly Membership

    Every year
  • BioRisk Reduction 3 Year Membership

    Every 3 years
  • BioRisk Reduction Student Membership

    Every year


Brett Haltiwanger Ph.D. CBSP (ABSA) (Biosafety Officer at the University of Colorado Anschutz)
“I have presented trainings and educational talks on bioterrorism and dual use, and this was a wonderful presentation that taught me many things about the history of biosafety and bioweapons programs that I never knew about. I will definitely take some of what I have learned to enhance my presentations."
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