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  • Relevant: Researching, regulating, controlling risks, preventing transmission, diagnosing, and treating diseases related to Infectious Diseases circulating in the community (with international experience in the developed and developing world), in healthcare settings, in local businesses, around the world, and in the confines of containment laboratories.

  • Comprehensive: Biosafety is our foundation which includes implementing both behavioral and facility controls. BioRisk Reduction has comprehensive coverage of the skills needed to mitigate the risks due to infectious diseases. Our experts are trained, experienced, and are located throughout the world to develop a global perspective. 

  • Practical: Hands-on experience working with lethal, aerosol-transmissible agents, in a variety of settings. We look at the intent of a rule or guidance and apply it appropriately. Due to having an increased understanding of infectious diseases, we are able to use education in lieu of costly changes.


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