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History of Biosafety & Biosecurity

Did you know Biosafety is a Direct Effect of Biowarfare?

Learn how:
-Biosafety and Biosecurity have become what they are today by learning about the beginning of the Biosafety Profession through the effect of Biowarfare during World War II to Modern threats facing society.
-The discovery of insulin is related to the Profession of Biosafety
-The development of Bioweapons led to the Creation of the Biosafety Profession
-The Roots of the American Biological Safety Association ABSA International
-Biological Microorganisms could still today be used or developed for nefarious purposes
-The origins of the CDC and NIH
-Stanford University has played a role in the development of the Biosafety Profession

ABSA has awarded this training 0.125 CM points. (22-2256)

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